Machete is the brainchild of a couple who met in New York yet share different origins, one hailing from New Zealand and the other Guatemala. It is a true melting pot of these partners’ lives and the full amalgamation of passions, culture, and heritage. Spacework’s role in this journey was facilitating the physical realisation of this dream, creating a beautiful and inviting space in the process that fully encapsulates this couple’s unique story and dream.

It was the owners time spent visiting coffee plantations in Guatemala that inspired the strategic direction of the café, with Machete’s focus being single origin coffee and lunchtime tacos. At the core of the vision for the café was the desire to have a space that the owners could fully engage with their patrons, share their stories and educate them about coffee. It was this integral element that set the mood for the build journey.

With a brand new refurbished building, we had the luxury of working with a completely blank shell, however, we still had the challenge of trying to fulfill the special vision for the space held by the owners. At the front of the café sits a large wooden table on an earthly woven rug which defines that space. Shelves flank the walls to display authentic products that would help stimulate any coffee fanatic’s cravings. Overhead sits industrial lamps, with the tone reflected throughout the rest of the space.

At the heart of Machete sits a large natural wooden counter, wrapped in a beautiful collection of black and white tiles; an artwork in itself. Around this sits bar stools so that the owners can interact with their customers as they prepare the food and coffee from a fully open kitchen, further enhancing the dining experience.

At one end of the counter sits the beautifully bespoke coffee machine, a stand-alone piece that wouldn’t be out of place in a contemporary art gallery. In the centre of the counter, we accommodated for a specialty mini brew bar to meet the growing demand for hot and cold-brewed coffee, even allowing true coffee connoisseurs to sit and watch the process.

At the back, leather booths are built into create space-efficient seating while intimate two-seater tables line the left wall with photos of Antigua dotted along.  At the back sits an informal lounging area, sectioned off by an elegant geometrical divider that also serves as a display space to house planting.

Ultimately a space has been created that fully realises the initial dream the couple conceived while in Guatemala. Machete see’s New York meet Guatemalan heritage, and is a space more than capable of housing the beautiful coffee and tacos created within. If you are ever down that way, we would more than insist you pay this fabulous place a visit.