PaperKite has to be one of the coolest spaces we have done to date, in fact, we’re a little jealous we don’t have some of the cool features that they thought of!

PaperKite is a highly successful mobile app development company who wanted an office to emulate those of Silicon Valley. However, unlike the likes of the software mega giants, we had to work within a budget.

Also front of mind was the make-up of the office staff. With around 20 people, most of which are young computer whiz-kids, the office required a sense of cool and fun. Especially important in an industry where staff retention is paramount.

With the space having a flurried past, including it being a nightclub, bar, and boutique, it needed an incredible amount of work. The space lacked basic infrastructure, yet, this provided us with the opportunity to build the office from the ground up and do things we haven’t done before.

With all of this front of mind, our designers set to work and created a truly unique office space, something more than capable of making the other kids on the block jealous. Among the office area, break out spaces, meeting rooms and kitchen, we were also tasked with designing terraces for meetings, and more importantly, Friday night drinks. An in-house brewing kit under the seating and use of disco lights, still in place since the nightclub days, were incorporated to fully support this notion.

White walls, light timber flooring, and LED lighting really brighten up a space lacking window facings while the ceiling was painted black to detract from the exposed utilities.

Innovative cost-saving solutions were also made, including the use of MDF for the bespoke tiered seating, breakout seating and meeting room doors. The use of MDF, when combined with kit cabinets, provided an incredibly efficient yet attractive space within the kitchen.

With games on par with their Silicon Valley counterparts, you can tell this team likes to work hard and play hard, and we think we have provided a space to more than encourage this cool company culture.