As I sit here on this beautiful Friday afternoon with pain coursing through my legs… Scratch that. Pain coursing through my whole body after my first week back at the gym in over year… My mind wonders off to a better place, reminiscing the week that was. Not this week though, that one hurt. Instead the week before that one where I didn’t ache in muscles I didn’t know exist.

Last week, two of our designers were fortunate enough to be invited to ‘Dance For Life’ in Sydney. A wonderful event where teams from all over Australia working in the design industry come together to put on a show and raise awareness and funds for mental health. The businesses who participated really put in amazing performance’s, and further to that it was a good chance to ‘eye’ up the competition should we participate next year.

While in Sydney it was the perfect opportunity for our designers to get involved in some market research and networking (*ahem shopping and cocktail tasting). Not really sure how much got done, but fortunately for them, they were able to knock it all out in the amazing hotel they had been set up in. The QT Hotel.

The QT is Set within the heritage-listed Gowings department store and State Theatre in the heart of Sydney’s central business district. The surrounding area is brimming with culture, art, fashion, cuisine, and design. A wonderland for our designers.

The 200 guestrooms come in 12 different edgy design styles that reference the buildings’ past. The lobby, linked to the bustle of Market Street, invites guests in with a lively buzz, while the luxurious day spa, as well as the restaurant, lounge, and bar, attract stylish locals.

Inside, any traces of remaining history have been given a fresh and modern spin with colours and decor as rich and colourful as the buildings’ history—such as royal blue, magenta and yellow; statement furnishings; and geometric patterns on the ceilings and floors. Unique design pieces adorn the rooms, with subdued lighting that bounces off deep reds and maroons and coloured Perspex.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Go and enjoy your last weekend of daylight savings and treat yourself to the easiest ‘cocktail’ in little old New Zealand.