It was only a matter of time until we broke into the world of the food GIANTS, and thanks to Wendy’s, we have finally done it!

Wendy’s has always been a top of mind option when it comes to the dreaded ‘what should I get for dinner?’ dilemma. We can probably partially attribute this to their iconic ads, the cult hero spokesman ‘Kiwi Dave’ and their ongoing support of the Vodafone Warriors, but at the end of the day it is their food that is enticing the patrons.

Spaceworks was asked to create a flagship concept store in a new development in Christchurch, that Wendy’s would later roll-out through its stores. The brief presented an exciting challenge. In addition to freshening up the store, Wendy’s wanted to update the branding, maintain traditional elements and introduce an industrial element into the design.

Firstly, we implemented an exposed ceiling, industrial furniture, metal gird screening and incredible upcycled signage. A custom-designed neon burger was placed as a hero feature left of the counter. Warmth was added to the space through the use of timber and fresh green imagery. The subtle tones introduced complemented the extended brand colours, with blues now being used in unison with the traditional reds in a sophisticated manner.

Family style booth seating was introduced to accommodate large dining groups. Hanging non-illuminated signage broke away for the highly digital, and sometimes intimidating, approach of competitors, refining the checkout experience.

Wendy’s new approach was enhanced with the design of a slogan wall, with hand painted graphics and typographic sayings, reinforcing to the brand direction after the customers’ first interaction with the contemporary black signage at the entrance.

The concept store has since been deemed to be a success, and it’s easy to understand why. We sure wouldn’t mind sitting down to a burger and fries in the new space. Due to this success, Wendy’s are now rolling out the design through more of its stores, so hopefully, you’ll be seeing some change at your local soon.