Having studied Classics in high school, our client had always dreamed of naming her own business “Epsilon” after the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet and the first initial of her name.  With a professional background in hairdressing, the client decided to establish her own hair salon that would express her personal values and ideals for eco-conscious, cruelty-free and sustainably minded living all the while realising her Epsilon dream.

Epsilon in ancient Greece was associated with the worship of Apollo (god of light), the connection between humans and light, and the ethereal 5th element.  This association was integral to the resulting design as, along with the brand identity and brief, it established a design language that directed the interior architecture of the space.

An empty shell divided lengthways through split ceiling heights raking three different directions was chosen for its generous height and the ability to accommodate a mezzanine. The geometry of the split-level ceilings was fully embraced. Styling stations spanning floor to ceiling are offset slightly from the wall and follow the sloping gradients above. Floating mirrors playing on the contrast of light and shadow.

Double height entrance faces the open front mezzanine through cascading greens. The staircase features as the reception backdrop providing a framework which defines the space. Wash stations are set against lush greenery growing throughout the staircase balustrade, while the mezzanine provides a sense of intimacy.

The reception counter, entrance partition, and stair treads are made from rough sawn timber, old fence palings, and Fijian mahogany, accentuating the handmade. Traditional lime washed walls are hand waxed sealing and enhancing texture while elements of imperfections have been embraced to enhance lightness and timelessness. This design is a personification of the client; soft-spoken, naturally beautiful, ethereal and enchanting.


Tatiana Terezaki