When past clients come back to us to design their latest projects based on the relationship we’ve had, we don’t see it as anything other than a complete honour. Our relationship with Woods is a perfect example of this.

Spaceworks first met the Woods team all the way back in 2004 when we were enlisted to design their Office Space in Greenlane. We like to think that after that project we left a good impression because since then they have come back to us, not once, not twice, but five times! We have since designed and managed the fit-out process for their offices in Albany, Christchurch, and New Market and most recently the expansion of their New Market office space. Such an enduring relationship is a testament to what we do and cements the ‘why’ in why we do it.

Enough of that now, let’s move onto the actual design. With the first office iteration occurring back in 2012, the team at Woods wanted to not only expand their space but also modernise their current office ‘features’. With the joining of what was effectively two separate spaces, particular emphasis was placed on ‘continuity’ when designing the new space. We wanted to ensure that the resulting overall office design was consistent. As a result, the original fresh, modern, and industrial design approach was carried throughout the new space, while the use of their corporate red with a complimenting palette remained prevalent.

In an effort to modernise office features we introduced the likes of collaboration zones, quiet spaces, meeting rooms and a new board room. Most noticeable however reflects Woods innovative approach to education with a large training room at the rear of the space with enough space to easily seat a class of 36. In the existing office, with existing meeting rooms now removed, additional desks could be added to support company growth. We also introduced ‘hot desking’ in certain parts of the space to support more versatile working methods.

We are incredibly proud of the design we have achieved for Woods over all these years and even more so the immense growth we have seen as we reflect on that first project we did for Woods all that time ago.