Let’s be honest – all bars sell pretty much the same products. So what is it that sets an outstanding bar apart from a mediocre one? Ambience and well thought-out design. Want to create a memorable experience that encourages customer loyalty, repeat business and good word of mouth? Let Spaceworks use their expertise and experience to design your bar.

Bar design is all about atmosphere, from lighting to music, seating to services, kitchen to toilets (Don’t underestimate how far a restroom goes to making a lasting impression on your customers – if it works with your space, use the opportunity to do something really wild.) However, from a bar owner’s point of view, it’s all about good space planning.The performance of your space is critical to its function and your ability to earn money.

To make your staff and customers happy, your bar needs to operate flawlessly and good design will help with that. Customers should be able to easily navigate their way to the bar and reach it quickly. A bartender should have everything they need in one convenient area, to allow for speedy service. The faster you serve, the more you sell. When staff are able to perform their jobs with minimal crossover and pinch points, then they can service patrons quickly and efficiently. All areas need to do their bit, from the bar and seating areas to the service and circulation spaces.

We can achieve the following for you:

Stakeholder Meetings & Consultation • Briefing Workshops • Site Feasibility • Space Planning • Concept Design • Developed Design • Hard Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Soft Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Tender Review & Analysis • Building Consent Management • Detailed Drawings & Documentation • Project Management • Furniture Solutions • Branding & Graphic Design • Plus More...

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The scope of delivery we do for our clients is vast. Going way beyond our award-winning design we have the capacity and talent to do everything from seeking out the best property for your business, negotiating with property owners/agents, site feasibility, qualitative research, workplace strategy (for office design), local employee research and international trends, building internal and external brand loyalty, signage, project management, relocation and build. Contact us today to find out more!

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