Designing a café takes a little more thought than just plonking in a counter and food service area and then littering tables and chairs around the place. In fact, cafes are a study in space efficiency – they’re usually small in size and therefore have to be big on functionality.

How do you fit a big headcount into a confined space without making the area too noisy, too cramped and too hard to manoeuvre through? Good planning and good design. Don’t worry – the Spaceworks team have designed and fitted out many cafes and know just what to consider when it comes to layout, including.

/ The flow is most important. There needs to be a simple way for customers to get to your food cabinet and counter and then to their table, without tripping over fellow customers or weaving through a maze of furniture on the way.

A good queuing solution is vital. You don’t want people having to wait out the door for service or coffee, and you definitely don’t want your line snaking through café tables, interrupting and cramping your diners.

You need to think about table size – are your tables big enough to fit plates and cups of coffee on? Are they too big and your diners have to yell to be heard across them?

Think about your furniture – do they suit your clientele? Are your customers sprightly enough to be able to hike themselves up onto those bar stools? Are your chairs funky but uncomfortable? Is your furniture too clunky for your space?

Depending on the function of your business, do you need it to go from day to evening to night? Your layout and furniture will need to suit this purpose.

For a new cafe design, or refitting your cafe, we can help in many ways and all of which will save you money – just ask us how.

If you’re opening or refitting a café, we can help in many ways and all of which will save you money – just ask us how.

Get in touch if you need all or some of the following cafe design services – we’d be happy to share our expertise.

/ Site Feasibility Analysis (being involved before you even choose a site)

Space planning

/ Bar design, if necessary

Concept design & development

Graphics development

Working architectural drawings for all building works and joinery

Building consent drawings

Resource/Building Consent management

Cost & budget management

/ Furniture sourcing and specification

/ Project management