Think about your favourite restaurant. What is it that makes it so great? How does the ambience make you feel? How do the surroundings complement the food? What’s the overall feeling you get when eating there?

Good restaurant design goes a long way to making a success – your food may be divine, but if your customers don’t feel comfortable, relaxed or wowed by the décor, they probably won’t return.

If your forte is more food than furnishings, Spaceworks can help. We know what it takes to create a space that will have your diners revelling in their time with you and then rushing back for more. We’re experts in restaurant design and layout and know what small things will make a big difference to the experience of your clientele, including:

/ Working out what headcount will make it profitable, but still allow enough open space for circulation and privacy

Providing ambience lighting hung low enough for atmosphere but not too low to be a hazard

Where to hide speakers so that background music can add to the ambience without dominating the space

How to create good acoustics so that noise reverberation and rowdy conversations aren’t a problem – but nor is it quiet enough that you’d hear a pin drop

Creating lots of separated spaces for intimacy and privacy

How to get the temperature just right

Your restaurant design and fit-out should reflect the type of eatery you are. A five-star restaurant needs upmarket furnishings and design elements; a casual space will have fixtures and fittings that reflect that atmosphere and impression.

When planning a restaurant fit-out, the greater percentage of the budget should be allocated towards the areas and elements where revenue is generated. For most restaurants, this is the entrance, lobby, bar and dining areas.

All things going to plan, a restaurant can have a life cycle much greater than an office or retail store – your business plan could be for 10-20 years. This is important to remember when considering the design and layout of your restaurant: don’t cut corners because you’ll have to fix them in another few years anyway. There perhaps could be areas marked for future development, but the fundamentals must be there from the very beginning. The bigger the concept and your goals for the business, the more resources should go into the design elements.

At Spaceworks, we provide a personalised design and fit-out solution, tailoring our offering to meet exactly what it is your business needs. We can help you with the following services:

/ Site Feasibility Analysis (being involved before you even choose a site)

/ Space planning

/ Bar design

/ Concept design & development

/ Graphics development

/ Working architectural drawings for all building works and joinery

/ Building consent drawings

/ Resource/Building Consent management

/ Cost & budget management

/ Furniture sourcing and specification

/Project management