We love to give offices the wow-factor, creating a space that looks and feels good to work in – but we’re even more determined to design an office that really works for you, helping you to achieve the goals that you have for your business. Sound like we’re asking a bit much from design? We’re not, honestly. 

Good office design can result in greater productivity, better work efficiency, a more unified work culture and long-term growth. It can make staff more engaged and happier in their work, which has a direct relationship on work output. A content employee is also more likely to stick around, saving you on recruitment and training costs.

Workplaces have changed significantly in the last 15 years and will continue to change at a rapid rate as technology and staff expectations around flexible workspaces all change. A well-designed office will take into account the changing workplace and the impact this might have on your space, your industry and your growth prospects.

We’ve got all the expertise and experience to create an office environment that will go the distance while being both inspiring and supportive of your work functions. It will also proudly reflect your company, your brand and your values.

At Spaceworks, we provide a personalised office design and fit-out solution: you can pick and choose which services you need, including:

/ Site Feasibility Analysis (being involved before you even choose a site)

/ Space planning

/ Workplace strategies

/Concept design & development

Working architectural drawings for all building works and joinery

Building consent drawings

Resource/Building Consent management

Cost & budget management

/ Furniture sourcing and specification

Art consultation

/ Project management

/ Relocation management

We are also more than happy to collaborate or work in with any of your existing providers.

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