Good design is about more than just looking good – it’s about making sure the space works on all levels. Does your current layout help your employees’ productivity? Does it allow collaboration between team members? Does it make good sense? Most importantly, does it get the best out of your space and your staff?

At Spaceworks, we get great satisfaction out of space planning and the efficiencies it brings our clients. In many cases, space planning will pay for itself, particularly if done at site feasibility stage. In one instance, we helped a client who was looking for a 600m2 office, which is what they currently had. When we did a test fit we worked out that he only needed 470m2 (even allowing for growth). The saving across a six-year lease for him? $234,000. To say he was stoked is putting it mildly.

Our team of space planners can assess your space and come up with a plan to help you with the goals you’ve set out to achieve, which may include:

/ Better productivity

Greater efficiency and smoother workflow

More profitability per square metre

Allowing for future growth in staff size

Better positioning of collaborative teams

Fitting more people in

Rearranging your layout after a downsize

Making existing furniture work in the space

Working around an unusually shaped space

Space planning is one of the most beneficial steps of any design project – it will give you guidance on your project, it will clarify the space you have to work with and it will save you loads of money.

Space planning is one of the most beneficial steps of any design project. In the beginning it acts as a test fit so you can be sure that a particular space meets your current needs, as well as your needs after future growth. It’s also a vital step before commencing any sort of office design refit, so that you can be sure the completed design will meet your practical criteria and tick all your boxes.

Please note, our initial space plan cost allows 1 design alteration. If you’d like a more involved workplace strategy and brief, please contact us for a quote: 0800 234 8688 or [email protected]