All businesses work to reduce costs while increasing performance – and good design is no different.

Workplace strategy is where we study your company’s work patterns (everyone works differently) and align them with your environment in order to design a workplace that enables peak performance When workplace strategy is done well, it makes a huge difference to your day-to-day performance: it makes for a more productive workplace, happier staff and reduced running costs. This is particularly true of open-plan offices and companies with a mix of teams that need to collaborate with each other.

When we’re designing an office or workspace, we work to understand the way people move through space. We look for workplace efficiencies. We aim to make your office more productive, efficient and profitable. We get maximum value and opportunity out of every metre in your space. Workplace strategy is an integral part of any office design – and we’re experts at it.

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What does the process involve? It depends how deep you want to go – workplace strategies can be quite simple and involve only upper management or they can be very thorough and include a higher level of engagement with all staff and managers. When this level of engagement is required the process is conducted through a series of focus groups. Our research will tell us what drives your staff, which is what will drive our design, tailored completely to your business.

There are so many benefits to undergoing a workplace strategy, including:

/ Clarifying how best your workplace could operate

Uncovering new and innovative ways to change and refresh your current business practices through staff feedback and our expertise

Helping you achieve a cultural change if that’s what you want

Engaging staff in the renovation or moving process, getting buy-in beforehand and therefore more commitment to the changes thereafter

Our research often brings new ideas, insights and objectives to light, which we then incorporate into the next stage: spaceplanning.