Project Description

We felt more than privileged being invited to work with one of New Zealand’s oldest and most well renowned companies. In fact, so ingrained is this company in our culture and ‘smoko’ habits that we think you would be pretty hard pressed to find any kiwi household without at least one Griffins bikkie in their cupboards. The Griffins Food Company, the company that blessed us with the humble gingernut which forever improved the ‘cuppa’, has been around for 150 years now and shows no signs of slowing down.


Included in this company’s never ceasing innovation and expansion was a complete new head office for their team in Auckland. One of our most comprehensive office project yet, we fully utilised everything we have learned so far to create an incredibly effective office space for the Griffins team and play a part in their ongoing history.


With such a big team and the fact, they operate within the food sector, food is obviously of great importance to them. The expansive dining facilities we designed is more than testament to this. With more than enough seating to cater to the whole team and a large beautiful kitchen with all the mod cons, there’s not really a lot you couldn’t prepare on your lunch break.


What was truly unique about this office was a hot desking approach to office organisation the Griffins chose to implement. To facilitate this approach, we implemented zoning to create different work conditions that staff that could pick to work within based on their personal preferences. This included active zones, quite zones, breakout rooms, meeting rooms and informal meeting areas. In addition to this, we introduced different desk solutions, including versatile desks that could be both seated and standing.


A large wall within the centre of the office proved highly beneficial, with the Griffins team jumping at the opportunity to showcase their story and values. A corridor was fitted out with custom built lockers to better facilitate this hot desking method, with staff being able to put all their personal belongings within as well as filing trays that could easily be taken to whatever workstation they chose to work at on the day.