Project Description

Another Spark store completed and this time it takes pride in being front and centre on New Zealand’s largest and most well-renowned streets – Queen Street.

Akin to our previous retail Spark fit outs, the Queen Street store sure does don its own individual personality giving a nod to the prime position that it sits.

Firstly, the larger floor area meant that our retail designers could include a café into the design. This needed to be clever in its execution because the café needed to hold its own identity but still fuse beautifully within the Spark look and feel. Flight Coffee, a Wellington based, rising star in the coffee industry was the perfect partnership. The two brands sit in harmony, side by side.

The Spark Queen Street store has a concrete and timber ceiling which is also different to the other Spark stores. The Spaceworks designers removed the tile ceiling which exposed an additional 500mm in the cavity which automatically gives the feeling of more space and they were also able to introduce more natural and raw elements to the design of the store.

3D modelling was the designer’s tactic to ensure customers would move through the store and café seamlessly and the fact that the café also has street presence with a façade facing the road also means coffee-goers can order coffees on the ‘fly’.

To ensure optimal people-flow and dwell time that is enjoyable, our designers produced space plans for the stores which involved laying out a full-scale, physical, model using cardboard boxes where the furniture would be and where customer queues may form. By doing this, our designers could be sure of where the bottlenecks might arise and design a layout which would mitigate this.

All other Spark features are throughout including the POS desks dotted throughout, banquet and café-style tables, the home-y area with planting and stand out lighting to further enhance and make the product hero.

The retail design team will continue on their Spark retail design journey with more stores set to open in the first quarter of 2016.