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The Frucor office is essentially spread over four wings and two floors with the design and fit-out completed over several stages. This included the Frucor staff café, followed by the reception, office and then R&D department. It can be hard to build comradeship and a strong company culture when you have staff spread out over four wings and two floors, like Frucor does. To bring together a big team in a big space, you need a hub where people will congregate and communicate. That’s why we started with Frucors café.

When planning the 130sqm space, we knew to make the kitchen and eating area large enough to facilitate the numbers of people using the space throughout the day. And it needed to flow well to avoid congestion and queues, particularly during the lunch rush. We put down timber flooring, built an entirely new kitchen in a different location, clad walls with timber and concealed recycling bins (it’s nice to recycle but they don’t need to stick out!) To give the café a fun, summery vibe we added a huge image of the beach and pops of colour which reinforce the company values and brand of Frucor. The final result exceeded everyone’s expectations. We hear staff are using this space to collaborate, hang out and work – and eat lunch, of course.

After designing their café, Frucor asked us to give them a reception that would pack a punch, which is exactly what we delivered. We decked it out in their corporate colours, meshed with a kiwiana theme, which is what they’ll take through the rest of the Frucor building. We hid the utilities and mail center behind a colourful screen, which has also been used to separate out areas in other parts of the building. The screen incorporates Frucor’s branding colours, with a crisp clean white in between to really make the combination stand out.

Next, we moved onto the open plan areas where we transformed their tired, uninspiring offices into a vibrant and fun environment for the staff. Frucor’s CEO, Mark Callerhan, mentioned to us at the beginning of the design stage that they had completed a rebranding of their company values and their appreciation of their staff needed to be reflected in where they worked. This was key to bringing up productivity and inspiring the staff on a daily basis. The concept was similar to the cafe and reception; summer, kiwi bach, bright and colourful (incorporating their brand value colours) but still has a polished and professional finish.

Lastly, we moved on to the R&D department. They like to do things differently in this area of the company, so we had to consider how they wanted to be different while still staying in line with the already established brand aesthetic we have created for the previous areas. This area is the Willy Wonka Factory of drinks if you will, and all work collaboratively on all areas during their day. The request from the client contact, Sam Borgfeldt, was to keep the office area as open plan as possible with an emphasis on what they do. Moving away from the New Zealand beach theme, this area preferred to include graphics of fruit orchards – and create a breakout orchard of their own.

The result is an office bursting with energy and a place where staff can have fun and embrace the brand.

ClientFrucorLocationManukau, AucklandYear2015Size3000 m2Staff200ServicesStakeholder Meetings & Consultation • Briefing Workshops • Site Feasibility • Workplace Strategy • Space Planning • Concept Design • Developed Design • Hard Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Soft Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Tender Review & Analysis • Building Consent Management • Detailed Drawings & Documentation • Project Management • Furniture Solutions • Graphic DesignContractorPractec

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