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House of Travel is in the business of creating memorable experiences, so our store design needed to reflect that. It needed to pack a punch and deliver a memorable experience right from the very first time customers entered the shop. This roll-out was across multiple sites and each fit-out was slightly different as each tenancy was different, but all had the same objective: to create a retail experience where you build your dreams and then get to fulfill them, with the help of a House of Travel team member.

The concept needed to reflect the House of Travel brand and the fact that it’s Kiwi owned and full of travel experts. There are 80 stores around New Zealand – all different sizes, in very different parts of the country, with different tenancy conditions – so it was essential that the design was flexible and adaptable across different sites. The resulting design has definitely moved away from an office feel and towards a warm retail experience, with the modern consultant desks, visitor chairs and furniture in the waiting area all working towards creating a memorable first impression.

The angled desks are very successful in eliminating the sea of eyes as you enter the store, solving the problem of intimidation upon entry. The simple white, grey and purple colour scheme is simple, slick and very supportive of the House of Travel brand. There is no question that when you walk into one of the new House of Travel sites, you know you are in a travel store. The large-scale images are breathtaking and build excitement about the travel plans you are there to make. They work extremely well to enhance the desire to buy travel.

ClientHouse of TravelLocationNationwideYear2011 - OngoingStores35+Size80 - 130 m2ServicesBriefing Workshops • Space Planning • Concept Design • Developed Design • Hard Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Soft Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Tender Review & Analysis • Building Consent Management • Detailed Drawings & Documentation • Project Management • Furniture Solutions • Graphic Design

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