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We were tasked with bringing to life the new Huckleberry identity to create a fully cohesive brand experience with the experience for shoppers encompassing a fresh, contemporary and timeless setting. Organic eating and consumption still has the stigma of being overpriced and a little on the unattainable side. The new look Huckleberry stores needed to break away from that perception and become the local friendly natural grocer who likes to welcome everyone.

We wanted to make the store unique, so that it has its own distinct identity and through clever design transform something that is notorious for being a mundane chore into an experience customers look forward to. We also wanted to differentiate Huckleberry Farms by moving away from the sterile, prescriptive grocery store feel and the traditional hippy-esk, cluttered layout to a space which applies natural and organic materials in a crisp, modern and organized style.

The new look Huckleberry grocery store now has an inspiring aesthetic appeal with a high level of functionality and we think it takes grocery shopping to an international standard and makes organic shopping aspirational and attainable to a wider target market. The exterior of the shop was also redesigned to resonate a boutique local grocer with the black and white awning and an old-fashioned grocery cart designed so that fresh produce can be displayed outside the store.

ClientHuckleberryLocationAuckland WideYear2016 - 2017+Stores5Size120 - 700 m2ServicesStakeholder Meetings & Consultation • Briefing Workshops • Site Feasibility • Space Planning • Concept Design • Developed Design • Hard Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Soft Fit-Out Co-Ordination • Tender Review & Analysis • Building Consent Management • Detailed Drawings & Documentation • Project Management

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