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We have completed two sites for New Zealand clothing brand, Mardee. Both stores are simple and elegant, just like the product they represent. Both spaces are interesting architecturally and form a great backdrop – which meant that we could keep the fixtures and finishings pared back and classic.

In retail, it is always important that the product is the hero and that everything in the space – the fittings, the fixtures, the furniture – allows the product to sing. It’s even more important when the shop itself is on the small side. We came up with a minimal and sleek clothing rack system that showed the clothing to its best advantage without making it look cramped or having customers feel overwhelmed.

Mirrors are a goldmine when it comes to small spaces – we used one as a divider in the High Street/Vulcan Lane store. It cleverly served three purposes: to provide the tight changing rooms with a mirror; to create a corridor between the changing rooms and the rest of the store, and to make the space feel bigger. The store-facing side was then able to be used as a feature display.

Both fit-outs reflected the brand of Mardee: elegant, simple and always in style

ClientAnne MardellLocationTakapuna & High Street, AucklandYear2013Stores2Size100 & 45 m2 RespectivelyServicesSpace Planning • Concept Design • Developed Design •Detailed Drawings & Documentation

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