The Rimu Room – Rydges


The brief for this space was to create a room that had an identity of its own, yet one that still complements the restaurant’s interiors and branding. A brief we think our brilliant designers have more than fulfilled.

Front and centre of the space is a bespoke native Rimu table with brass surround. Hand-made by Format Interiors, this beautiful piece set the direction of the space and inspired the room’s name. The breath-taking bronze mirror set on the wall opposite the entrance quite literally reflects the delicate curves and length of the table while creating a sense of depth within a relatively narrow space.

Beautiful River wallpaper by Emma Hayes adorns the primary wall, with the organic form of the watercolours grounding the space and radiate a sense of calm. Resene Warrior by Resene, which coat the remaining walls, compliment the subtle tones in the wallpaper and brass reliefs throughout the space.

Gold glass globe pendant lights by Alex & Corban are masterfully placed and recessed into the ceiling. Fitted with striking filament bulbs, a moody atmosphere within the space and a level of intrigue is established.

Masterfully woven Hoffman cane dining chairs from Thonet surround the Rimu table, providing seating to comfortably sit 18-20 guests. Windows within the space are secluded with black wooden blinds and sheer mesh curtains. Subtly backlit by natural daylight, a sense of privacy and elegance results.

In addition to interior design, Spaceworks were also asked to provide branding for the space. Using Rimu as the inspiration, we explored this concept finding a miraculous relationship between the Rimu tree and the Native Kakapo parrot. This almost symbiotic relationship was too fortuitous not to reflect. Custom window glazing reflected the established branding direction. Not only does this […]



Spaceworks was asked to create a flagship concept store in a new development in Christchurch, that Wendy’s would later roll-out through its stores. The brief presented an exciting challenge. In addition to freshening up the store, Wendy’s wanted to update the branding, maintain traditional elements and introduce an industrial element into the design.

Firstly, we implemented an exposed ceiling, industrial furniture, metal gird screening and incredible upcycled signage. A custom-designed neon burger was placed as a hero feature left of the counter. Warmth was added to the space through the use of timber and fresh green imagery. The subtle tones introduced complemented the extended brand colours, with blues now being used in unison with the traditional reds in a sophisticated manner.

Family style booth seating was introduced to accommodate large dining groups. Hanging non-illuminated signage broke away for the highly digital, and sometimes intimidating, approach of competitors, refining the checkout experience.

Wendy’s new approach was enhanced with the design of a slogan wall, with hand painted graphics and typographic sayings, reinforcing to the brand direction after the customers’ first interaction with the contemporary black signage at the entrance.

The concept store has since been deemed to be a success, and it’s easy to understand why. We sure wouldn’t mind sitting down to a burger and fries in the new space. Due to this success, Wendy’s are now rolling out the design through more of its stores, so hopefully, you’ll be seeing some change at your local soon.



Machete is the brainchild of a couple who met in New York who share different origins, one hailing from New Zealand and the other Guatemala. It is a true melting pot of these partners’ lives and the full amalgamation of passions, culture and heritage. Spacework’s role in this journey was facilitating the physical realisation of this dream, creating a beautiful and inviting space in the process that fully encapsulates this couple’s unique story and dream.

It was the owners time spent visiting coffee plantations in Guatemala that inspired the strategic direction of the café, with Machete’s focus being single origin coffee and lunchtime tacos. At the core of the vision for the café was the desire to have a space that the owners could fully engage with their patrons, share their stories and educate them about coffee. It was this integral element that set the mood for the build journey.

With a brand new refurbished building, we had the luxury of working with a completely blank shell, however, we still had the challenge of trying to fulfil the special vision for the space held by the owners.

At the front of the café sits a large wooden table on an earthly woven rug which defines that space. Shelves flank the walls to display authentic products that would help stimulate any coffee fanatic’s cravings. Overhead sits industrial lamps, with the tone reflected throughout the rest of the space.

At the heart of Machete sits a large natural wooden counter, wrapped in a beautiful collection of black and white tiles; an artwork in itself. Around this sits bar stools so that the owners can interact with their customers as they prepare the food and coffee from a fully open kitchen, […]

Sticky Fingers


It’s always a real thrill for us to be an integral part of making someone’s dream come true. When the owners of a local café in Albany came to us with their dream of transforming a well-known local café in the heart of commercial Albany, we were thrilled.

This café was someone’s dream so we needed to not only create a space that was true to their vision it also needed to embody a genuine soul to the fit-out. The space has a relaxed homely vibe but retains a level of corporate to appeal to the surrounding businesses.

Tasked with re-energising their logo and the existing cafe space, our design team took to this job like ducks to water. Layers of character yet sophisticated finishes lends itself to a space full of charm. Neutral greens with bursts of fresh white create a sense of calm whilst the plush green banquets paired with a white mesh divider results in juxtaposition of differing finishes and creates a natural flow throughout the space. The mesh also allows for natural light to flow throughout the café, resulting in a light, bright place to relax in.

The counter becomes a hero of the café with an intricate and charismatic tiling design and an oversized shelving unit separates the kitchen from the dining area but again provides interest and charm and opens up the space. It also doubles as a perfect area to showcase the Sticky Fingers personality and character. Natural over-sized cane pendants centre the space to draw the eye down the centre of the café towards the fare and service area.

The café has soul, real soul. The owner’s dream has become a reality and we have loved every minute of helping […]

Spark Queen Street

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Another Spark store completed and this time it takes pride in being front and centre on New Zealand’s largest and most well-renowned streets – Queen Street.
Akin to our previous retail Spark fit outs, the Queen Street store sure does don its own individual personality giving a nod to the prime position that it sits.
Firstly, the larger floor area meant that our retail designers could include a café into the design. This needed to be clever in its execution because the café needed to hold its own identity but still fuse beautifully within the Spark look and feel. Flight Coffee, a Wellington based, rising star in the coffee industry was the perfect partnership. The two brands sit in harmony, side by side.
The Spark Queen Street store has a concrete and timber ceiling which is also different to the other Spark stores. The Spaceworks designers removed the tile ceiling which exposed an additional 500mm in the cavity which automatically gives the feeling of more space and they were also able to introduce more natural and raw elements to the design of the store.
3D modelling was the designer’s tactic to ensure customers would move through the store and café seamlessly and the fact that the café also has street presence with a façade facing the road also means coffee-goers can order coffees on the ‘fly’.
To ensure optimal people-flow and dwell time that is enjoyable, our designers produced space plans for the stores which involved laying out a full-scale, physical, model using cardboard boxes where the furniture would be and where customer queues may form. By doing this, our designers could be sure of where the bottlenecks might arise and design a layout which would mitigate this.
All other […]

Spotted Pig


Don’t you think Spotted Pig is such a great name? Spotted Pig…say it out loud. Now doesn’t that make you smile a little bit?
We were super excited about this project. An existing bar and restaurant, we were tasked with transforming the space by stripping back much of the current design to showcase the beauty of the building. Alongside branding specialists Waking Giants we needed to bring to life the dream of a couple who have just moved back from the U.K.
One of the owners is British, the other a Kiwi and to give a nod to each other’s heritage the style of the interior is a meshing of English gastro pub and Kiwi bistro. On a limited budget, Spaceworks needed to prioritise the key items which would ensure the biggest impact and we achieved this by keeping some of existing furniture and repainting it. Additional furniture was curated to reflect the English pub style and to bring to life the space.
Other things we did to give the space some serious wow factor was to install wooden paneling to the entire space, we re-painted the ceiling to brighten and freshen up the space and to showcase the beauty of the space, the colour palette was reduced to three colours only.
And we completely converted the existing outside area from dark and lifeless to a warm, inviting and contemporary outdoor area by injecting some real Kiwiana style to it. This was achieved by appointing pops of colour, striped soft furnishings, hanging plants and herbs for the kitchen.


Wellington Novotel


We were briefed to modernize the reception area of the Wellington Novotel hotel.



Grow and Inspire NZ (GAINZ) is a business with an incredibly passionate woman behind it all, Sipra Raj.  We love bringing our client’s dreams to life and Gainz was one of those very special projects.


Kebab King


Kebab shops are notoriously renowned for looking like fast food, late-night eatery spots.

Café Brioche


We got a huge kick out of this project because we were accountable for the full design service – including the rejuvenation of a brand, graphic design, logo design, shop design and layout, project management, tendering, construction, and client consultation as well as designing custom-made furniture. We did the whole shebang really and we’re super proud of the finished product.

Velvet Gypsy

This project was about changing the demographic of patrons – basically the owner wanted the 90sqm Browns Bay, Auckland venue to make better use of the space so that it was more inviting to those ladies who love a good wine. So we needed to get into the head-space of women who enjoy socialising with friends over a glass or two of wine – a tough ask, we know…
Nothing goes with a good red quite like a roaring fireplace, so we added one of those. Luxurious fabrics and textures, built-in seating, gorgeous lighting and gilt frames lining one interior wall added to the opulence. And to combat the dark feeling the space previously had, we used striking wallpaper (they’re not real books lining the walls) and colourful furniture to add vibrance.

It’s important to consider the clientele your space is aiming to target when you choose furniture – hence the padding on the bar stools, to provide extra comfort for women.

Velvet Gypsy

The Mind Lab

This was a fun project that allowed us to indulge the ten-year-old within. The Mind Lab is a creative space where kids learn about 3D printing, photography, film making, robotics, science and more. It’s a super-creative place so we needed to design a super-creative environment – one that looked amazing but also worked to inspire children to want to learn. It also includes an in-house café.

The brief was that it needed to look techy and modern, as well as being multi-functional and inspiring. We went a step further and put something of interest in every area, from robots and handmade paperclip curtains, to giant 3D letters and custom artwork.

The challenge of this fit-out was the tight, tight, tight program which included having to get a full building consent – but we delivered on time, of course.

Industry: Education
Location: Auckland City
Size: 1200sqm

Design and space planning
Building Consent Management
Construction documentation
Joinery documentation
Project Management

The Mind Lab

The Ferguson

This student bar is located on Massey University’s Albany Campus and serves both during the day and through the night. It’s a bar and a function space, hosting large dance parties and bands, so the space planning and design had to be flexible and multi use.

A former carpark, this venue is now a 500m2 space that has a fully functioning kitchen, coolstore and toilets. Decks around the front maximise the light and add to the lounge feel.

Named after former NZ Prime Minister William Ferguson Massey, the bar reflects its connection to its namesake through imagery and graphics around the venue.

The brief
The brief was quite simple: it needed to be bulletproof. Given that it was a student bar, there was the possibility that things could get hyped and broken, so we needed a fit-out that gave minimal opportunity for breakages or graffiti. As well as using materials that were strong and not easily damaged, they also needed to wear well and get better with age.

The space needed to host 300 people for parties, so we had to ensure the building consent, fire services, quantity of toilets, size of the bar and kitchen capacity accommodated this quantity.

The main objectives for this space was longevity of finishes and creating somewhere university students would want to hang out at when they wanted to relax on campus.

The proposal
There aren’t many materials more hard-wearing than brick, concrete and solid timber, so we used these for the walls, floors and bar furniture. As well as being bulletproof, they age really well – timber actually gets better with age. We used red bricks were red to give the space much-needed warmth.

We wanted to make a outside decks a relaxed, lounging area, where […]

Quarry Bar


Quarry Bar and Restaurant is a new addition to Smales Farm, the site of a former quarry on the North Shore of Auckland. Smales Farm is now a business park, so Quarry Bar’s neighbours include cafes, businesses and mixed retail. The 250sqm bar and restaurant was set up to serve both workers in the business park and the general public.

The space is long and high, it has great natural light and a large outdoor seating area. The space functions either as a restaurant, bar or a function space with a variety of seating types, both high and low.

This fitout takes inspiration from its location and namesake, with the use of stone, timber, rust and natural finishes. The key element in this space is the bar itself, which spans well over half the length of the space.

Our involvement included space planning, construction documentation and plans, council consent and fit-out coordination.


NZ Racing

When the Wellington-based NZ Racing Board wanted a fit-out that changed their culture, we were up for the challenge. We love to design spaces that look amazing as well as drawing together the staff who work there, and to have the sport of racing to inspire and guide our design was just the cherry on the top!

The brief
The NZ Racing Board is spread over four floors so they wanted to create a space with both formal and informal meeting spaces to bring staff across multiple floors together. They wanted it to be bright, fun and collaborative.

This central hub, named ‘The Zone’, needed to bring people together to eat, hang out, collaborate and work. It needed to have a training function room at one end and an area for working and collaboration at the other. The company cafeteria sat in the middle, with enough space to allow an on-site catering company as well as staff making their own lunches. The Zone also needed to be able to host over 110 people for the monthly full-staff meeting – and to watch the races, of course.

The proposal
We created a bright, fun space with plenty of breakout areas and spaces for staff to collaborate and relax. Looks-wise, the concept for this space was taken from NZ racing industry, with nods to horse racing, dog racing, gallops and trots and other sports.

The flooring squares are reflect a jockey’s uniform, but they’re traditional cafe flooring so they add value to the space as well as creating a contemporary punch.

The deconstructed ceiling feature in the cafe is a favourite element – it’s taken from traditional barn cladding but we installed it in a more minimal, clean and linear fashion.

Using stable doors […]

The Hauraki Store

A new owner had bought an existing café space and wanted to give it an overhaul. The new incarnation needed to come across as hip and local.

We needed to be clever about the space, making it extremely space efficient so it could fit in the maximum amount of customers without anyone feel cramped while they enjoyed their coffee and cake.

Because it was a small space, the fit-out needed to be light and bright. We kept the colour scheme simple, using black, white and yellow, and added interest through the textures we used.

As with any new hospitality venue, it was important not to overcapitalise so we really made sure every dollar worked hard for this fit-out.

Space planning,
Construction documentation & plans
Joinery documentation
Building Consent and Management
Soft fit-out co-ordination

The Hauraki Store


Industry: Restaurant/Bar
Location: Browns Bay, Auckland
Size: 80sqm

Construction documentation & plans
Council Consent Lodgement
Joinery Documentation
Materials and Finishes specification

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