Epsilon Hair


Having studied Classics in high school, our client had always dreamed of naming her own business “Epsilon” after the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet and the first initial of her name.  With a professional background in hairdressing, the client decided to establish her own hair salon that would express her personal values and ideals for eco-conscious, cruelty-free and sustainably minded living all the while realising her Epsilon dream.

Epsilon in ancient Greece was associated with the worship of Apollo (god of light), the connection between humans and light, and the ethereal 5th element.  This association was integral to the resulting design as, along with the brand identity and brief, it established a design language that directed the interior architecture of the space.

An empty shell divided lengthways through split ceiling heights raking three different directions was chosen for its generous height and the ability to accommodate a mezzanine. The geometry of the split-level ceilings was fully embraced. Styling stations spanning floor to ceiling are offset slightly from the wall and follow the sloping gradients above. Floating mirrors playing on the contrast of light and shadow.

Double height entrance faces the open front mezzanine through cascading greens. The staircase features as the reception backdrop providing a framework which defines the space. Wash stations are set against lush greenery growing throughout the staircase balustrade, while the mezzanine provides a sense of intimacy.

The reception counter, entrance partition and stair treads are made from rough sawn timber, old fence palings and Fijian mahogany, accentuating the handmade. Traditional lime washed walls are hand waxed sealing and enhancing texture while elements of imperfections have been embraced to enhance lightness and timelessness.

This design is a personification of the client; soft spoken, naturally beautiful, […]

Orewa Optics


When Orewa Optics approached us, they had outgrown their current premises and had acquired the neighbouring tenancy, effectively doubling their space. Being a company that have always had an eye for design, the team at Orewa Optics knew exactly what they wanted, having even engaged extensive research into the customer before we even got there. The only other thing they really needed was guidance and project management. That’s where our design team stepped in.

Building on the foundation that the Orewa Optics team had laid, our design team integrated design principles based on our extensive knowledge of retail experience resulting in a truly beautiful and immersive space.

From the outset, the space is incredibly inviting. The use of natural timber flooring, furniture and wall finishes creates an undeniable sense of warmth, including the use of repurposed Rimu behind the counter. A cool grey concrete paint pallet adorns the walls complementing the wood, even enhancing it. Considered use of paint in the brand’s vibrant orange makes a feature of specific areas within the space.

Proudly front and centre to the showroom, stands an Ascot round dining table from SM Interiors, sitting atop a faux rug recessed in the floor made from carpet tiles by Signature Floorcoverings. Overhead, a selection of paper lampshades by May Time truly capture the imagination and flood the space with soft warm light.

On the walls sits ingenious retail displays. Oversized peg boards allow floating glass shelving to be hung in an ever customisable pattern so that collections to be showcased. Overhead, designer track lighting by Light Plan allows spotlights to enhance the beautiful designer frames on display.

Dividing the line between retail and back of house sits a bespoke wooden partition by Practec Interiors, allowing the natural light […]



The conception of this store all started with the historic closing of the Kirkcaldie & Stains store on Lambton Quay. Our client, having previously held a space here, was left without a permanent place to sell his fine European homewares, hence time was of the essence.


In addition to time being front of mind, the budget was also incredibly important so our team had to implement clever and effective cost saving solutions whilst also ensuring the space fulfilled everything that was desired.


The client was very clear that product was to be hero of the store, and with such a beautiful selection, we couldn’t blame him. With this in mind, we implemented clean lines, neutral palettes and display solutions aplenty. As we were working with an existing retail store, we ensured we altered the space to best suit our client’s needs, including new lighting throughout to best highlight the product.


To reduce costs while ensuring quality was not completely compromised, we turned to Ikea for their innovative joinery units to display and hold as much product as possible. This was particularly important as this was our client’s first stand-alone store having operated out of a warehouse in suburbs previously where he stored all his collections. We ensured he would not need to do this again.


What resulted was a beautiful and light space that complemented its contents. Homewares were truly front and centre and will surely entice any passer-by into the store. Although there is a lot of product in the space it feels anything but cramped. By keeping the display solutions primarily along the walls the floor space feels spacious and easily houses a full sized bed in addition to many other display options. Spaceworks is very […]

Spark Queen Street

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Another Spark store completed and this time it takes pride in being front and centre on New Zealand’s largest and most well-renowned streets – Queen Street.
Akin to our previous retail Spark fit outs, the Queen Street store sure does don its own individual personality giving a nod to the prime position that it sits.
Firstly, the larger floor area meant that our retail designers could include a café into the design. This needed to be clever in its execution because the café needed to hold its own identity but still fuse beautifully within the Spark look and feel. Flight Coffee, a Wellington based, rising star in the coffee industry was the perfect partnership. The two brands sit in harmony, side by side.
The Spark Queen Street store has a concrete and timber ceiling which is also different to the other Spark stores. The Spaceworks designers removed the tile ceiling which exposed an additional 500mm in the cavity which automatically gives the feeling of more space and they were also able to introduce more natural and raw elements to the design of the store.
3D modelling was the designer’s tactic to ensure customers would move through the store and café seamlessly and the fact that the café also has street presence with a façade facing the road also means coffee-goers can order coffees on the ‘fly’.
To ensure optimal people-flow and dwell time that is enjoyable, our designers produced space plans for the stores which involved laying out a full-scale, physical, model using cardboard boxes where the furniture would be and where customer queues may form. By doing this, our designers could be sure of where the bottlenecks might arise and design a layout which would mitigate this.
All other […]

Bohemian Chocolates


Bohemian Chocolates are artisan, handmade tidbits of cocoa goodness and deserve a palatial home to be housed in.

Our retail design team took this project on with gusto, knowing they had to be true to the sophistication of the brand and quality of the product.  Based on a similar style to the flagship store in Wellington, the design oozes elegance and style with classic cabinetry and designed so the chocolates are hero of the store.

The joinery is such, that there is framed moulding in the front cabinet – denoting a boutique feel.  Other design details include ceiling cornices as part of the shelves and three tower glass display cabinets with internal lighting.

The store design is simple, yet packs a punch with subtle finishes and detail. The perfect home for the perfect chocolate.

Wolf & Wolf


Wolf & Wolf is quite ‘the’ salon in Central Auckland and Spaceworks Design Group was briefed to refresh the space within the existing style. We had to create a small retreat area for the wash basin zone, a more enclosed area for green walls and extra storage and a bespoke L’Oreal display area.

We created timber framing structures with powder coated interchangeable storage boxes. Flexibility is key here to retain a fresh look and to be able to breathe life into the area when new product is introduced.

The design is a reflection of a Japanese-style interior, with clean lines, weightlessness and shunning heavy and bold lines. Brand colours used with subtlety by powder coating the shelves and back-lighting the product display makes the product hero.

Incorporating the l’Oreal brand into the design for the launch of their new product range was also critical to the success of the fit out. This can be changed out as and when needed.

Lighting was done by Eunice Taylor and joinery and graphics by Cutting Innovations. Thanks team!

Huckleberry Milford


We’ve shown you Huckleberry Mt Eden and now it’s Milford’s turn to bask in some glory.
If you’ve seen our images of the Mt Eden store, you’ll see some real similarities with subtle differences and that’s how we do rollouts best. The first rendition should be spot on, however it’s also a test site and lessons should be learned. It’s also about making sure each store has its own identity whilst staying true to the brand identity.

Milford’s black and white stripes are bolder and the layout of the store is slightly different but it’s well and truly still Huckleberry through and through.

The shelving displays the produce and products beautifully, signage is consistent throughout and pendent lights and lighting are all harmonious across all the stores.


Life Fitness


One of the reasons why we love projects like this, is it is different and different means we go a little crazy and have fun with it.  A combination of retail (exercise equipment) and office, Life Fitness has an extraordinary brand presence and was a huge amount of fun pulling it all together.



Spark has been on a significant agenda of transition and transformation over the past few years and we knew the stores had to deliver on the constantly evolving digital future and had to inspire their expanding target market to connect, share and engage in-store.

Spark Sylvia Park Awards:

Best Awards 2015 – Bronze Award

Red Awards 2015 – Division Award, Electronic Group Award

Barbershop Co


To bring online to life by creating THE BarberShop Co brand in-store and to create an experience for Kiwi blokes wanting some ‘me time’.



The SPCA is highly esteemed and revered among animal lovers and it was Spaceworks’ remit to transform their new retail store within the recently refurbished reception area of the Animal Village in Mangere.



We have completed two sites for New Zealand clothing brand, Mardee. Both stores are simple and elegant, just like the product they represent. Both spaces are interesting architecturally and form a great backdrop – which meant that we could keep the fixtures and finishings pared back and classic.

In retail it is always important that the product is the hero and that everything in the space – the fittings, the fixtures, the furniture – allows the product to sing. It’s even more important when the shop itself is on the small side. We came up with a minimal and sleek clothing rack system that showed the clothing to its best advantage without making it look crammed or having customers feel overwhelmed.

Mirrors are a goldmine when it comes to small spaces – we used one as a divider in the High Street/Vulcan Lane store. It cleverly served three purposes: to provide the tight changing rooms with a mirror; to create a corridor between the changing rooms and the rest of the store; and to make the space feel bigger. The store-facing side was then able to be used as a feature display.

Both fit-outs reflected the brand of Mardee: elegant, simple and always in style.

Light Plan


Light Plan supplies designer, innovative lighting solutions and accessories to interior designers, property owners, landscape designers and a growing end-consumer customer base. They have been growing, and fast, so needed a new space designed as a retail store as well as a product showroom.

Instyle by Colourplus

Instyle by ColourPlus, Mount Maunganui has spread its wings and transformed into a full interior design service as well as selling everything from wallpapers, curtains, homewares and giftware. The store is now a one-stop-shop interior design utopia for anyone giving their digs a make-over.
Spaceworks Design Group was engaged to transform the 145 sqm space into more than just a store. It is now a collaborative workspace in which customers can be inspired, with or without a designer and be one step closer to their dream home by having a design service and world-class interior decorations at their fingertips.
Our remit was to create a space whereby customers can be enthused about creating their ultimate abode.
Everything for sale is showcased to its full potential and customers can walk through the spaces and immediately feel a connection with the selection of homewares and furnishings. With or without a design background the store is so considered, everyone has a direction when re-designing their home.
The wallpaper display is one of its kind in New Zealand and designed to make it easier on everyone. Previously there was nowhere to display wallpapers en masse and Spacework’s solution was to design a unit which presented the wallpapers in all their glory. Set in 2 metre by 900 panels (door size), the sliding panels mean staff can choose to present a few of the on-trend wallpapers or all of them in their entirety.
The design of the curtain header display unit freed up an entire wall to display fabrics which were normally tucked away in mid-floor displays.
Homewares and giftware is dotted throughout the store so customers can instantly imagine an entire room and giving them the ability to purchase one or two items or […]


We have completed two fit-outs for florist Tomuri, in Botany and Sylvia Park. Tomuri create beautiful flowers – each bouquet unique but equally stunning, which is the brief we needed to follow for our fit-outs. The stores needed to be as beautiful as their floral work.

Both spaces had the same brief, time and budget and both were brought in on time and on budget. And both are so uniquely beautiful.

Tomuri Botany
Industry: Floral Retail
Location: Auckland City
Size: 35sqm

Design development
Construction documentation & plans
Building Consent Exemption
Joinery Documentation & detailing
Project Management

Tomuri Sylvia Park
Industry: Floral Retail
Location: Auckland City
Size: 25sqm

Design development
Construction documentation & plans
Building Consent Exemption
Joinery Documentation & detailing
Project Management


Sky City

The brief for this high-profile Auckland site was to increase how long people spend in the store and how much they spend – and we’re stoked to announce that our fit-out is working on both fronts.

Our client wanted to upgrade their existing souvenir store from its current dated design. People walk through this shop to go up the Sky Tower, one of Auckland’s icons. It’s a super high space – 6m – and previously the product on display looked disjointed and small. So the concept was to cover the high walls with other Auckland icons that can be spied from the top of the Sky Tower, to add interest and Disneyfy the space. We handpainted them monochromatically so that they didn’t become the hero of the store and overshadow the merchandise.

We also created some feature elements around the counter area where the more expensive items are sold. The quality of fixtures and fittings around the counter are a higher quality finish to reflect the goods being sold.

The finishes, colours and design statements were selected to reflect the natural scenery that NZ is famous for, such as the natural timbers of our forests, the blues and greens of our lakes and the rich red of our coastal native, Pohutakawa.

Industry: Retail
Location: Sky Tower
Size: 450m2

Space Planning
Construction documentation & plans
Joinery Documentation
Graphics Development

Sky City

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